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ARABESQUE (Homage to Gandy Brodie) 1974 Poplar Wood.
H 81 W 156 D 101 inches (2.06 x 2.96 x 2.31 m)
Sculpture No. 87

     The original structure was made in full scale from featherweight board and recycled wood. It was finalized in poplar wood with the assistance of Robert Lubin, a fine craftsman. It reminds me of an oriental roof open to the sky; later, I dedicated the piece to Gandy Brodie.

ARABESQUE (Homage to Gandy Brodie).
(Study) 1974 Bronze Cast.
H 14 1/2 W 27 1/2 D 13 inches (37 x 68.5 x 33 cm)
Private Collection: Los Angeles, California.
Sculpture No. 87 (S)

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