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   Forthright was originally constructed in plywood and then cast in bronze.
    It has been made in several sizes: the maquette became a multiple sculpture so that more people could own and enjoy it. A mid-sized work and a large outdoor piece are in private collections. The sculpture consists of two parts. The base is a split cube with a curved inner space; it holds a tapered cube, as do ice tongs. There is a dynamic tension between the two pieces. It is about dialogue and relationship. The vision is at once abstract and human, physical and spiritual.

1968-69 Bronze Cast.
H 15 1/2 W 18 D 8 inches (39 x 46 x 20 cm)
Sculpture No. 60 (S)

1968-69 Bronze Cast
H 13 1/4 W 25 1/4 D 7 3/4 inches
(33.5 x 64 x 19.5 cm)
Sculpture No. 61

    The title Song of Songs, Father and Son was suggested by memories of my father chanting entire chapters of the Old Testament Song of Songs. He knew them by heart and loved to chant. I listened and absorbed the words.
    This experience was a very strong personal and joyous bond. He was a true believer in the goodness and grace of God, and this attitude always remains with me. He was very dedicated to his family and his work. The sculpture is dedicated to his love of the Bible, his wife, his family and all mankind.
    In the beginning my studio in Ramat Gan was the balcony of our home and I have wonderful memories of my father’s excitement when he assisted me with the construction of an original piece in wood. This work consists of two independent pieces joined together. The larger piece holds and supports the smaller one. It is one of my earliest abstract pieces and was cast in bronze from the wood maquette. For me, the two forms are love and joy, together in peace.

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