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A GIFT TO A PALM TREE 1991 Bronze Cast.
H 30 W 17 D 7 1/2 inches (76 x 43 x 19 cm)
Sculpture No. 196

     The palm tree is the symbol of growth and fertility. “The righteous man flourishes like the palm tree.” (Tehillim/Psalms, 92:13). The palm tree holds its head up to the sun and rests its feet in water in a hot climate with no rain. Each time I look at a palm tree, I am taken by the beauty of its elegant trunk and the graceful movements of its huge head. It is a magnificent sight. It always makes me wonder and I can sit staring for hours. When there is slight breeze in the air, it dances for me.
     With my sculpture of the palm tree, I made rivers of water to embrace and feed it. I made a special base to hold it up high and important. After the sculpture was cast in bronze, the tree and water were given a patina of rich, golden date brown and the “tachtah” base was colored oasis green.

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