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FAMILY 1978-1981 Welded Bronze. H 96 W 92 D 26 inches (244 x 234 x 66 cm)
Location: Sloan’s Curve, Palm Beach, Florida.
Sculpture No. 115

     The study was made in nickel bronze in 1978; then in 1981, a private dealer commissioned me to do a large-scale sculpture in bronze for Sloan’s Curve, Palm Beach, Florida. All the different elements are independent units, unique and self-contained, and relate together in perfect harmony, the dialogue of an ideal family. In life, families are not always in harmony but in art they can be.
     I come from a very large family, in Israel, and in America I have developed loving friends who have become like my family.
     In Palm Beach, “Family” stands tall, with palm trees, sea and sky.

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